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Strugling to loose weight? Check out this place.

Are you also struggling to loose weight ?

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Trying to loose our weight is the most common problem almost all of us have to deal with.

A flabby body is not only a house of many diseases but also a big blockage for our self confidence. Some extra fat gets added to our body , and that it! We are out of our favorite clothes.

Many times , because of our bad food habits and lifestyle we end up putting on extra weight and fat to our body. Suddenly its heartbreaking to find out that we are no more fitting in our favorite clothes.

God ! Its almost like a nightmare.

But its ok , relax. Today we are going you to introduce to Voltage Fitness & Nutrition Gym in Ranchi.

Voltage Fitness & Nutrition

Voltage Nutrition and Fitness center

Voltage Fitness and Nutrition , located in Old H.B. Road , Ranchi is a team of dedicated people whose main aim is to teach people how to lead a happy lifestyle for the perfect body.

At Voltage Fitness & Nutrition , the main idea is not only to help people manage their weight but teach them the right way to loose body fat and weight. Here the team apart from giving exercise sessions also focuses on regular session on health issues  and right way of living.

The main Motive of this center is to make people aware about leading a healthy lifestyle , the result of which a bundle of happy clients in the gym.

Why choose Voltage Fitness and Nutrition Center in Ranchi ?

If you are a person who doesn’t like to run for long in the treadmill or lift heavy weight then this is the right place to loose weight for you. Here the weight management process is a combination of various floor exercises like:





Floor Exercises



They have regular sessions of exercise after which the team usually sits down to discuss on various health issues and cure and control of those. The various team members share their experiences and the health problems, and also how they recovered those.

Voltage Fitness and Nutrition center is a perfect is the place which provides you the perfect combination of Exercise and diet nutrition guide. So even after you attain the perfect weight for you the diet nutrition remains with for your lifetime and you lead a healthy life.

Free trial sessions

The center also has the facility to take up free trial sessions of around 10 days with money back guarantee.


Some proven results


The results may vary from people to people.

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