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Keratin hair treatment

Keratin hair treatment


Skin, hair and nails are made up of keratin and it’s found in your internal glands and organs as well. Keratin is basically a protective protein and is less prone to tearing or scratching. There are many other types of cells in the body but the best part with keratin is that it is kind of scratch resistant and tough as well.


Keratin can be derived from many animals and it’s found in horns, feathers, and wool as well. You will be amazed to know that keratin is used in hair cosmetics so that your hairs look strong and shinier. Keratin can strengthen your hair and make them look beautiful. Actually keratin is structural building block of hairs so it’s nothing but natural to think and make out that keratin can be used to make your hairs look stronger and healthier. Keratin products, supplements and treatments can make your hairs look shinier and stronger so there is no harm in getting keratin hair treatment. If you are looking for best hair treatment near you in Ranchi then we will help you.


Results and benefits

When you get keratin hair treatment done for your hairs then it’s actually easier to manage your hairs and your hairs are smoother than before.

Salon in Ranchi Ask ranchi

Keratin hair treatment makes your hairs healthy and manageable. The result for keratin hair treatment is different for different people. It depends upon your hair thickness as well.

There are several types of keratin treatment and it depends which type of keratin treatment you use. The way keratin hair treatment works is by smoothing down the hair cells and thus giving them more rigidity and strength.

Cells in your hairs overlap and form the basic structure.Hair cuticle basically absorbs the keratin and makes them look shiny and strong. Full and glossy – that’s how your hairs will look like if you do keratin treatment for hairs. If you do keratin treatment for hairs then your hairs will become less frizzy and easier to manage. Your hair will have excellent looks and feel. Straighter in appearance and easy to style, that’s how your hairs will become if you do keratin treatment for your hairs.

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Uses and methods

Salon treatments

This treatment is also called Brazilian keratin treatment and is used to make your hairs looks lustrous and strong. This method involves several steps and it takes time to get the real effect. First of all a cream containing formaldehyde is applied to your hairs and your hairs are blown dry. Then your hairs are straightened in a salon so that it takes the required shape. Then you are instructed not to wash your hairs and effectively you have to keep your hairs dry for several days. The treatment is applied and you have to wait for several days.After that the straightening effect takes place but then again the treatment is applied so that the treatment lasts long. When you visit the salon, you have to be patient but again the results will wash away all your worries and frustrations. The final treatment lasts for 12 weeks.


Keratin shampoos, serums and conditioners

You must be thinking that whether the keratin treatment in salon results is as good as keratin shampoos, serums and conditioners. Well, you are right because keratin shampoos, serums and conditions can’t give the same result as treatment in salon because salon treatment is much better.

But still there is no harm in applying keratin shampoos, serums and conditioners to your hairs. The regular application will make your hairs strong and lustrous.

Keratin shampoos, serums and conditioners can’t make the same claim so you need to make sure you go to the saloon to get hair treatment done. If you want best hair treatment near your area in Ranchi  then lookout for a good salon. If you want to make your hairs damage resistant then you need to get keratin treatment done for your hairs.

The keratin treatment will make your hairs stronger and they will last long.Hair dye and heat tend to weaken your hairs while on the other hand keratin treatment will make your hairs strong.Keratin hydro lysates is the label you should look for when you are buying keratin rich shampoos, serums and conditioners.


Keratin supplements

At any health food store you can find keratin supplements and you can buy and use them as per your wish. They come in capsule and powder form. You should be careful while buying and using keratin supplements.

There is a little bit of risk involved as over use can cause protein build up in body nevertheless in normal dosage they are rendered safe. As we mentioned earlier, there are host of benefits involved in keratin hair treatment.Your hairs will have glossier appearance and they will become strong as well.


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