Raafta Online Grocery

Raafta Online Grocery


We live in the digital era. Anything and almost everything which was accessible physically only in the olden times has changed. It is now as easy as reaching out to reaching phone in the pocket. As all things moved from being physical to digital, it has had a quite deep impact of the way of living too. Earlier, people used to visit railway stations for tickets, airport for flight tickets and medical stores for medicines. But this scenario recently has witnessed a drastic change. Now people using a single app book travel tickets, hotels and procure medicines. But this was not enough, the innovators took it a step further. Not only these things were purchased from an app. The people started to develop an app for getting the groceries delivered. This is done with a view to ease the life of the customers, as not everyone has time to physically reach a supermarket. This is when online grocery app kicks in.

What is an online grocery store?

An online grocer is something which permits the customer to procure the groceries over the web platform via the numerous groceries applications. Therefore playing a role as an independently operating electronic commerce solution which deals in the grocery. Moreover, it is seen in the majority of the cases that for delivering this grocery item, a specific amount is charged. The amount charged is termed as a standard delivery charge for delivering a product. The delivery charges may apply based on certain criteria. It may be a free delivery for a specific order amount or based on the distance of the customer’s home location and store. Additionally, the ordering on these stores can be done with a medium of developed mobile application or a designed website.


The All New: Raafta Online Grocery App

Raafta is an online grocery store in Ranchi. And it caters to any customer in Ranchi. It is available on both platforms. The renown platforms namely iOs and Android. Being available on these platform makes easier to gain access. All in all, it gives a one-touch access to the realm of grocery items. Okay but Raafta did not take a halt at this point. Apart from providing groceries it additionally provides daily care products which can be founded in the grocery tile. There is a whole lot of things which is coupled all together in a single app. As Raafta has redefined Grocery App in a completely different manner.


What additionally Raafta Provides?

Other than grocery Raafta provides

  1. Mutton
  2. Chicken
  3. Dairy Products
  4. Vegetables
  5. Fresh Fruits
  6. Cakes
  7. Ice Cream
  8. Daily Care Products


How to get Raafta App?

It is real simple to start using Raafta Grocery App you need to download it right from the  Google play store


  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. On the top, there is a search bar
  3. Tap the search bar
  4. Type in “Raafta Online Grocery”
  5. You will get the app as the first download option
  6. Click/Press on the app tile
  7. You will be directed towards the title page of the app
  8. There will be an option to install the app
  9. Click on the install button
  10. Before downloading it will prompt a dialogue box
  11. Accept the dialogue box, as it will be a confirmation on you accepting to all terms and conditions
  12. Later to that, the download starts
  13. Wait for a few seconds as the app may not be huge in size but it completely depends upon the internet speed availed
  14. Once the app is downloaded it will be installed
  15. After download and install, you will be able to access the app
  16. By clicking on the app you will see an option for sign up or log in
  17. If you are already a user before you can log in or else sign up to use the app
  18. After that, the app is ready to use


Go shopping crazy with the Raafta Online Grocery App. As there is time to time offers for shopping freaks. For those who just love shopping and are always looking for the offers to jump right in front, then Raafta Online Grocery App will be able to cater to both the needs of an individual.




With the growing e-commerce and other apps in the market, Raafta Online Grocery App has come up with something additional. As it will be able to provide the grocery to the customers in Ranchi, it will a great thing for those people who are not having enough time to get through the shopping in the daytime. Apart from this, the quality which is promised is something that one can rely on. This is because the Raafta Online Grocery has got positive feedbacks and reviews from the customers since its update. Hence downloading the Raafta Online Grocery will be a one-stop solution to every need that a household will ever need.





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