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We have made a compiled list of best haircut styles for men from different Saloons in Ranchi. In this article we have also added a link to some top saloons in Ranchi.

Times have changed and subsequently trends have also changed. People have adopted different trends and everyone nowadays loves to try newfangled taste in different things. Everyone try to look different and adopt new fashion. It is true that people sometimes or we can say most of the time judges them from their looks and their fashion expertise or knowledge.  It is quite inevitable that hairstyle of men plays a really important part of their looks. Nowadays a lot of new and different hairstyles for men have come into the fray and teenagers love to try them. In the days gone by there were only few haircut styles but as we said times have changed people just love to try new things and same is the case with haircut styles. Today we have come up with a lot of new haircut styles and surely one of them will suit you and your looks.


This is one of the best famous haircuts among teenagers. It is kind of a newfangled taste. In this specific haircut hairs taper down the ears and neck but hair taper slowly. The taper is kind of visible and is more at the edges. There are more hair on the top of the head and less on the edges and sides.


Teenagers just love this kind of haircut and it is kind of similar to the above one but there is slight difference. This is one of the best and loved haircut among men especially teenagers.  The hairs start tapering from the middle of the head but this time hair taper more and this style more very stylish. You will find a lot of teenagers with this haircut around you. Try this haircut and it will make you really confident and wonderful looking.


It is another variant of these fade haircuts. If you some of the low fade effect and some of the high fade effect then this one is perfect for you. The hairs start tapering in the middle of head and end below ears. Most of the teenagers prefer this haircut and they genuinely look smart in this haircut. Even barbers suggest this haircut to their customers.


It is a simple and a stylish one. The hairs are tapered more and typically very much into the skin. If you want to extend time between your cutting times then this style is kind of perfect for you. There are lots of variants in this specific type as well.


This one is specifically for teenagers who love to look every time. This is really popular these days among school going kids.


Men usually prefer this as it looks simple yet very stylish. Different beard styles can be also tried with this particular haircut. It is also very simple to maintain. If you want something simple and nice then you must try this haircut.


It is really stylish and men do look really cool in this haircut. This one is for those who like to try different styles and look different from others. Hairs are tried from the middle and a kind of top knot is formed.


It is really a cool one and you will fall in love with this haircut. Men with heavy beard keep this type of haircut and believe me it is really stylish.

Here we have discussed some of the most stylish haircut among teenagers and men. One must try one of these recommended styles.


Conclusion: All these hairstyles are famous in these days. You can also try these hair styles with help of best salons in Ranchi city and you can give a new look to your personality.


Here is a is list of top salons in Ranchi

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