It’s All About (The) summer care tips

Always wondering about warm mornings and beautiful rays of sunshine peeping through the window and those beachy holidays.

Wait!! Also, dream of the monstrosity that it holds for your delicate skin. Long sunny days are back. Sun on the top of our heads awarding us with the evil Ultra-violet rays harming our skin in a 1000 ways.


Yes, the summer solstice could create chaos on your skin, resulting in hyperpigmentation, dark circles, sunburn, acne,  tanning and an endless list. Here are a number of summer skincare tips and tricks that could help you to maintain your healthy glow.


  1. Summer means SUNSCREEN!! Your skin literally thanks you when you pack it up with an external layer to protect your skin from the sun heat. Afterall Prevention is better can cure!! Wearing a sunscreen of at least SPF30 or above is a must before you step in the skin. Reapply every 3 hours when you stay out longer.





  1. Scrub and let your skin breathe – Keeping your skin squeaky clean is on the top of the list. We keep loading our skin with Sunscreen, face creams, Serums and a whole lot of skincare. But for them to act, our skin needs to keep the pores clean and breathable. Make it a habit to exfoliate with a mild scrub to take down the dirt and grime stuck in the pores. Also, it knocks out tanning to a great extent.



  1. Keep calm & Hydrated – Drinking at least 4 Ltrs. of water daily would help loosen up your body cells, thereby leading you to sweat which anyways keeps your skin breathable and clean. Also, include Juices and fruits with a high content of water in your diet. SIP sipSip!!



  1. Believe in Aloe and Lotus Gels – Fresh Gel extracted from the plant could help to soothe sunburn & tan as well. It also acts as a cooling balm to calm your skin and maintain its balance.


  1. Stick to BB or CC Creams for Makeup: Wearing thick layers of Heavy Foundation under the sun could lead to blocked pores, resulting in clogged skin and acne!! Opt for lightweight medium coverage BB or CC creams which could help your skin breathe this summer while you glow.


  1. Cut down on Alcohol and Coffee – Both Alcohol & Caffeine reduces the water count from the body resulting in dehydration. Rather Sip on Coconut water or fresh juices to increase the water count in your body.


  1. Don’t forget your lips – Wearing an SPF Lip balm would help your soft pink lips stay the way they are. Also, use scrubs to clean them once in a week to remove dead skin. Make a Home-made lip balm or get it from the drugstore but do take care of your lips to keep them plump and pink!



  1. Cool off with Mist – You obviously can’t wash your face every two hours. Keeping a handy bottle of Fresh rosewater, lavender water or maybe spring water whatever suits you and spritz it on your face for a refreshing break. Summer mists are packed with Nutrients and Antioxidants that will soothe your skin and refresh you at the same time.


  1. Cool showers on the go – Always opt for Cool showers this summer. The hot shower would gradually strip off the natural oil from your skin and make it more dry and dull at the same time.

Lather your skin with nutrient-rich body butters or body lotions to keep it soft and supple.



  1. Detox with Bath Salts: Detoxifying and alleviating stress at the same time, try Epsom salt. It would not only relieve stress but would also relax you and soothe your sunburnt skin at the same time. Try mixing it with some essential oil like Lavender, YlangYlang, Orange etc. for further detoxification.


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