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 Education is key to success and it is an undeniable fact. There are so many students out there at various coaching institutes in Ranchi in the fray of competition but how many of them succeed?

Coaching Class in Ranchi

Just ask yourself and try to figure out the question. Something else is needed to stand out from others.

CL is a top most and premier institute for preparation of so many different exams. At such a small age students always require proper guidance in their studies. That proper guidance is provided by CL.



CL has been working since 1966 and has helped lakhs of students for preparation of engineering exams till date. The prime focus of CL has always been JEE (main+advanced) exam preparation.


JEE exams preparation


One of the most popular and regarded as best career option at this point of time is of engineering field. For that students need to prepare for JEE mains and advanced exams for getting admission to the topmost and renowned institute engineering institutes of India like IITs, NITs and BITS institute.


How we provide best IIT level coaching


The main focus of CL is IIT level coaching and if you are looking for best IIT coaching institute near Ranchi then CL is the best place for preparation.


  • Broad coverage


The syllabus of these exams is somewhat different from subjective exams and this is the one of the main reasons why students fail in these exams. The syllabus of these exams is really extensive and it requires relentless efforts to crack this exam. We here at CL keep focus on this extensive syllabus and cover each and every topic very broadly.


  • Special focus on every students


Our motto is to help the students in preparing these exams and we here at CL do every possible thing to achieve this goal. The size of classes here at CL is very manageable and that is why we are able to focus on every single student in the class. We give attention to every single student and handle their queries quite effectively.


  • Best faculty


Best guidance is provided by best faculty. We here at CL hire best faculty for preparation of these exams. Almost all our faculty have studied from IITs and NITs. These best faculty always keep in line the preparation of different students. The guidance of best faculty becomes really important at this stage. You do not need to worry about the best faculty. That is our responsibility.


  • Regular mock tests


It becomes really important to make students aware of the actual exam environment. For that we organise regular mock tests. Mocks are really important and help students exude more confidence in difficult exam situations.


  • Proper mindset


The main thing is that for these exams a proper mindset is needed and we here at CL, the best IIT coaching institute near Ranchi help you to make up your mind very strong for these exams. We help you in sharpening your logical and analytical skills and no other institute focus on these things. These reasoning and thinking skills enhance the ability of the students to solve complex problems with ease and confidence.


  • Help in develop special skills


IIT JEE is a very extensive exam and a lot of focus is required in the whole timeframe of exam. So for this reason time management becomes really necessary. We here at CL focus on these things as well. Our faculty help you in learning how to manage time in such stress inducing situations.


Personality development classes are also organized from time from time to help you develop your personal skills. These skills will you a better person and will make you more aware about your own goals. These all things help the students in dealing with the exam more confidently.


Going step by step

 Coaching Classis in Ranchi Ask Ranchi

Step by step preparation is really important and for that reason classes of X and IX becomes so important. The education system of our country do not expose students to difficult concepts early on but these concepts are introduced suddenly. This makes the life of students tough and some of these students can’t cope with the situation and quit.


For very reason we have foundation classes for class IX students as IX class is the base of X class. These foundation classes help students to grab the concepts easily and also help them to preapre for exams like NTSE and science olympiad.


The classes of IX and X are foundation of XI and XII standards but the only thing is that in these standards of Xl and XII the concepts are covered extensively and because of that students become confused and quit.

There are many coaching classes in Ranchi. But we here at CL form that foundation early on and this way students get prepared for exams like KVPY as well.

For any engineering examination preparation CL is on of the best IIT coaching centre in Ranchi. So keep in view our offerings all the time.


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